Sunday, July 24, 2011


Mike and I had plans to stay in Utah for the summer because Mike had two classes he needed to take this summer. We were getting a little worried that we would need to take out a few school loans since we couldn't find good jobs and I was only making minimum wage. After his first day of class, we found out that his classes only lasted a month. Mike suggested there was a possibility we could still go "home" to Alaska for the summer and within 30 minutes, we had called and emailed family and jobs to let them know we were coming.

We had a good trip up. I had never been to Canada, despite it being our neighbor, so I was pretty excited about the trip. It took us four days to drive almost 3,000 miles and we saw an abundance of wildlife. We had plans to camp out each night to save some money, but the first night it poured rain and we didn't want to try and find a campsite and set up camp in the rain, and the second night Mike got pretty sick camping, so we stayed in another motel the third night, just cross the Canadian border. By the second half of the third day, my butt was sore and I was tried of driving, but all in all, it was a fun trip.

Canadian border. Our guard was a grumpy dude and
 didn't laugh at any of my jokes. They weren't even Canadian ones!

Some mountain goats on the side of the highway.

A mom and dad and two baby goats, very very close to the highway.

Two black bears we saw about 30 feet away.

Mike posing on our Alaskan motel bed. It was rustic,
but surprisingly nice compared to the outside.

Along the way, we saw 3 bears, a couple moose, lots of deer, a porcupine/gopher-thing, and the goats. I was excited to see them since I hadn't seen wildlife up close in awhile. Whoever thought you'd miss seeing moose in your yard?

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  1. Wow you saw a porcupine/gopher-thing? Did it have spineties?