Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mike's B-Day

Mike's B-Day was two weekends ago, along with Caleb's birthday and his college graduation. Both of my sissies went to Alaska to celebrate, but I figured since I missed his birthday last year, that I should stick around and make-up for his previous lame birthday.
Unfortunately Mike had finals that next week, so it was still kind of a lame birthday. We slept in and then just laid in bed listening to the Hunger Games on my iPhone, then got up and he opened his presents and we ate oatmeal. I had planned on making him coconut pancakes with coconut syrup since he loves coconut, but he was still fighting a cold, so we ate oatmeal instead. After presents, Mike went to the library to study. Lame. But then we went out to Olive Garden for dinner and came home to chocolate coconut cream pie. :) Yum. Low key, but much better than last year.

Mike, still looking sleepy, with his presents.
He got the sweats and the lanyard, but he put his new sweatpants and
sweatshirt over his pjs and looks about 300lbs here :)

So excited for another dinosaur shirt. Aub & Jeremy got him one too so now
he has 3 and looks like he's about 6 when he wears them.


Thanks to Mike's sister Laura, we got to go to Lagoon a few weekends ago and ride the roller coasters. She works there as a lifeguard so we got in cheap, and by cheap I mean free because Mike's parents were kind enough to pay the $10 for each of us. :) We went with most of Mike's siblings - Steve & his wife Kitty, Allie and Laura - and had a blast.
I absolutely LOVE roller coasters!! I love that feeling I get as we scream down the big drop, how I think that I'm not going to make it and any second I'm just going to die or that my stomach will just fly outta my mouth or something horrific and then right as I think I can take it no more, the roller coaster flies around a loop or twist or hill or something and I can breathe again. Love it!

Wicked - my favorite! You seriously shoot straight up and then straight down that first hill.
Mike & I right before Wicked
Mike after Wicked. Check out his sweet hair. :)