Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lake Pal

I've fallen way behind on my blog, so I thought I'd take some time to catch up on everything, but it will probably take me awhile.... 

For Mother's Day, we went with Mike's family to Lake Powell. I had never been, but it was gorgeous and now I understand why so many of my friends love it. We mostly rode around in the boat and waterskied. It was my first real time waterskiing and I loved it! We had a great time, and I was grateful we went in early May instead of later in the summer because I burned way bad even with two applications of 50 SPF sunscreen. :s

We took a little hike to a place called Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge
Me waterskiing. I can get up no problem, but once I'm up
I can't control myself and fall right back down.

My sisters-in-law like to laugh at the Utah accent which make it sound like Lake Pal instead of Powell.
Allie, Laura, and Kitty
We got out and did some swimming too. The water was super cold, but once you got used to it, it felt nice to get out of the heat.

My poor burnt leggies.

My feet got it worst. Somehow I forgot to put sunscreen
on them, so considering, they look pretty good.


  1. Juli you look like a cooked lobster! Oh my goodness. And have you acclimated to the lower 48? What is with the full body wet-suit? Miss you!!

  2. ps, that is definitely Katie, not Colby :)