Sunday, September 11, 2011


So now that school has started, I probably won't ever post anything, but I figured this was a big enough event that I had to let you all know... all 3 of you who read this ;) As some of you know, this is my second and last year of nursing school (YAY!!) and we are spending a lot of time in the hospital. Despite the high-tech mannequins we get to practice on, they're no where close to a human being when it comes to practicing skills. At orientation, they taught us how to do IVs, but of course mannequins with twenty poke marks already in the right spot aren't the best teaching tools. With our one day of practice, they told us we were "ready" for the real thing at the hospital. YIKES!!

I was pretty nervous for this, but luckily one of my first shifts at the hospital I was given lots of practice. SUCCESS!! In my short 6 hours at the GI lab that day, I successfully inserted 3 out of 4 IVs! :D (Plus the unsuccessful one was really close. I just felt bad for the guy since he told me he hated needles and I had to have my nurse redo it on him. :s But he was my first and I felt pretty good about it, despite having to stick him twice.) AND, the last guy I stuck said it didn't even hurt, so I felt pretty proud of myself and the nurse that was supervising me later told my teacher I did an awesome job. :)

I've had my up and down feelings about nursing school and as the end draws near, I still have a hard time picturing myself being a "real" nurse all by myself, but after this week, I'm feeling much more confident. Hopefully I can just make this last until I've graduated and doing it on my own...


  1. thats awesome!!! Congrats Juli! That would be so scary to me but sounds like you did an awesome job!

  2. Jules! It's really happening! You're going to be a real nurse! That's so exciting. Will you give me my shots from now on? I like this whole not feeling a thing part!

  3. Those first dozen IV's are pretty scary but after a while you really get a hang out it. Hang it in there girlie! You're going to make an amazing nurse because you're so smart and compassionate.