Friday, January 11, 2013

A Year in Pictures

Trying to write this post has made me realize I need to be better about talking pictures. I was trying to summarize 2012 in pictures, but there are large gaps where I have no pictures. Here is what I could scrap together:
Celebrated out 2 year anniversary!
Went camping for Spring Break. It was the first time we went camping together in Utah.
We went to Antelope Island. Didn't see any antelope, but we saw lots of buffalo.
Graduated from Weber State with my Associate's Degree in Nursing.
Off to Ukraine for the summer. Mike had an internship with the State Dept.

Went to Lyviv on a free weekend and met up with some people from Mike's mission.
We're standing in front of the Opera House there which is Mike's favorite building.
We found this delicious candy shop and bought ourselves a big bag only to
 find out these candies had alcohol in the middle. :p
We didn't eat here but varenkyky, or dumplings, was what we ate almost daily in Ukraine.
Ukraine Temple.
Went to Alaska for Caleb & Erica's wedding. I was so happy to see
moose in my parent's yard. Especially a baby moose!!
Mike got to be the baby jungle gym.
 After Alaska we flew home for a week so I could take my NCLEX to get my RN license. After our short stay we were off again to Minnesota to visit the Burnhams. We stopped at Mt. Rushmore on the way.

After our summer abroad we finally came home to stay and went back to school. Me to get my bachelor's in nursing and Mike to finish his double major in International Relations and Economics. 

Me at Halloween. I was an owl and made my costume myself. I was pretty proud of it!
 I took this on my lunch break and this ended up being the only picture I got of my costume.
Poor picture, but this is all of the us Burnhams at a condo in Park City for Thanksgiving.
We went to Alaska for Christmas and I have no pictures from there. We had a blast though. Mom surprised the rest of the family by bringing Alicia and Nick up for a few days after Christmas, so we had a full house! Only one family was missing. We played lots of games and ate way too much food and had a bonfire on a frozen lake for New Year's Eve. We each have only have one semester left of school! I'll be done for good, but then Mike still has a few years left in grad school. We have no idea where that will take us, but we're excited for the new adventure that is fast approaching!

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